Video of the Day

Occupy and the Media

April 9, 2012

From OccupySpringfieldIL

Local Talk Radio personality and University of Illinois Graduate Student in Communications, Greg Bishop, talks to members of the community about his thesis.

Project Glass: One day...

April 4, 2012

Google's YouTube Channel

We believe technology should work for you — to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don't.

A team within our Google[x] group started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment.

Follow along with us at as we share some of our ideas and stories. We'd love to hear yours, too. What would you like to see from Project Glass?

REMOVING "The God Gene"

April 3, 2012

From PremierLegend's YouTube Channel

Pentagon Briefing on Vaccine Designed to Disconnect Human Soul from Spirituality?
Please See: Interview With Joey Lambardi on The Fundamentalism Vaccine (FunVax):

Read more here: Real Or Fake? Pentagon Proposal to Lobotomize ‘Terrorists’ Using Virus

Humanities Spiritual Awakening: Alex Jones talks with Billy Corgan

March 27, 2012

From TheAlexJonesChannel's YouTube Channel

Coming to March 26, 2012. and proudly presents Alex Jones' sit down interview with Billy Corgan, founder of the rock band, "The Smashing Pumpkins". During this incredible conversation, Alex and Billy discuss the impact social media has on the music business, the role of the musician in society, the ever evolving left-right paradigm, the occupy wall street movement and the noticeable spiritual awakening happening in humanity that threatens the very core of the globalists agenda. Premieres Monday March 26th, 2012 on

Listening Post - The dangers of reporting the 'war on terror'

March 24, 2012

From AlJazeeraEnglish

We look at Obama's role in the continued imprisonment of a Yemeni journalist, the relationship between Yemen and the US and the issues behind it.

Dave Mustaine Unchained: Infowars Exclusive

March 22, 2012

From TheAlexJonesChannel's YouTube Channel

Rock legend Dave Mustaine joins Alex Jones for a rare and exclusive in-depth interview during which he discusses a wide range of never before explored issues. Dave talks about the early days in Metallica and Megadeth on the 30-year anniversary of the two bands that defined the metal scene. He also discusses his debilitating neck injury, Megadeth's latest release "13″, as well as previous releases like "Endgame" (a reference to the Alex Jones film) and "Peace Sells".

Dave also elaborates on the personal challenges that have shaped him as a person, why rock groups dabble with Satanism and the dark side, and his recent political statements regarding Rick Santorum. This interview is both revealing and informative whether you are a fan of Megadeth or not -- don't miss it!!/RealAlexJones

Hijacked GOP Caucus 3.17.2012 (Audio)

March 18, 2012

From JohnDBloch's YouTube Channel

Today, March 17th 2012, in the city of Saint Charles Missouri, the GOP chair people decided that they wanted to overthrow a caucus, by "appointing" (notice nothing about it is democratic) their own parlementarian, rules commity, and eventually their own chair, all the while threatening us with "trespassing". They specifically made a rule that banned "All recording devices" however, I have 30 minutes of audio. Plain and simple, the establishment GOP wanted this caucus to be thrown out, and didnt want anyone to get the delegates.