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June 2, 2012

Tonight on Saturday Session: The role of the state, suing the state, the 2nd Amendment, Syria and Club Bliderberg.  If you missed last week's show, or any other recent Saturday Session interviews, be sure to check out the Saturday Session podcast page.  Listen to the show live online at, on your smart phone (with flash) at, or through the TuneIn Radio Ap

Why seek the state's recognition?

The issue of marriage and whether a the state should recognize same-sex unions has been a dominating theme for partisan bickering and accusations of bigotry and intolerance. So much has this gone into the national dialog that courts are determining defense of traditional marriage does not adhere to equal rights.

Let's explore the beginnings of government sanctioned marriage. Why do so many people seek the state's approval to join in a union with a partner of their choice? Meanwhile here in Illinois, one of the many states to sanction civil unions of same-sex (and opposite-sex) relationships, groups are suing the Cook County Clerk for equal marriage rights.


Speaking of lawsuits, chemical company Syngenta is trying to settle a suit where 2,000 water systems were seeking compensation for having to pay for filtering an herbicide from drinking water. This is an important issue for us to focus on the issue of fluoridation of our water.

Maybe we should form a fund to purchase fluoride filters for our drinking water here in Illinois (or elsewhere) and then sue municipalities for the cost of the filters. That would surely get people to rethink their complacency when it comes to fluoride in their drinking water.

The right to keep and bear arms [shall not be manipulated by Fast and Furious]

Tonight on Saturday Session we'll also focus on the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, and the threats against it. Mexican Ambassador to the US says

"There is an 'urban myth' out there that somehow the Mexican government is seeking to lobby against and destroy the rights enshrined in the Second Amendment" 

Well, we agree here at Saturday Session.

It's not the Mexican Government is seeking to destroy the rights--the evidence points to the US Justice Department and Eric Holder.  As for Illinoisans Second Amendment rights ... we can't bare squat!

Representative Mike Bost goes off on the Illinois House Floor this week

Rage Against the General Assembly

The Illinois General Assembly ended their spring legislative session this week without passing any kind of reform of Illinois carry laws. They also failed to pass any kind of reform to Illinois' horrid eavesdropping act. Oh they also failed to pass any kind of pension reform.

But lawmakers did pass gambling expansion, an increase to the tobacco tax, and a strip club tax. Maybe that's why some in the general assembly are beginning to rage out.

Intervention or non-intervention--that is the question

The Syrian situation is boiling over. With reported massacres taking place, the call for foreign intervention is growing louder. Let's debate the morality of foreign governments being involved directly or through proxy of funding rebellions to overthrow governments.

Practicing the 1st Amendment at Bilderberg 2012
Practicing the 1st Amendment at Bilderberg 2012. Picture taken from

Club Bilderberg

Throughout the show we'll cover the latest Bilderberg 2012 news, checking live streams from around the internet from the great group of independent journalists and activists outside the secretive meeting. The mainstream media is still largely ignoring the meeting. Following the glitter and glam of a picture being hung in the White House instead of being at an isolated resort hotel in Virginia shows the ignorant complicity in the elite media's Bilderberg blackout. Some great Bilderberg resources include,, Adam Vs. The Man, and ... let alone the countless other independent journalists and activists.


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