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Saturday Session with Bishop

March 24, 2012

Podcast update

  • Gun Owners of America's Larry Pratt joins the show to talk about Eric Holder's "brainwashing" comment, the latest with Fast & Furious and The Trayvon Martin case - MP3 Download

Show brief

Another four hours of Saturday Session goes live from 3 to 7p CST, only on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield! On today's show: The districts are coming, compromised votes, anti-eavesdropping lobby, problem-reaction-solution: gun control brainwashing--analyzing Eric Holder's 1995 comments with Larry Pratt, and a jam-packed News on the March. Get it all with Greg Bishop on Saturday Session from 3 to 7p CST only on 970 WMAY. Listen in central Illinois: 970 AM or online at

FEMA districts

The future used to be bright and wonderful with the dreams brought forth by the out-of-this-world science fiction fantasy of Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry. Now we've got Hunger Games as a blockbuster in theaters and even being delivered to kids in Springfield District 186. Having never read the story and only recieving the premise of the story through second hand and other articles, it is a post apacalyptic movie with about a dozen districts controlled by an oppressive government that pits districts against eachother for sport. Districts? Not states? This is foreshadowing what is likely to happen in the future if we progress towards the lawlessness that is present time. FEMA Districts, the recenlty signed-by-Obama continuity of government National Defense Resources Preparedness plan to allocate all resources in times of peace or war and an overall bleak future projected through non-fiction. Why? Have you looked around you lately?

Elections called into question

With several local elections from this week's primary to close to call, it's time to evaluate what the problems are and how to remedy the situation to ensure that every vote gets counted. Be it over-sized ballots not fitting into optical scan readers or some people getting partial ballots with only district wide or federal elections. Is the problem the process or the public apathy? After all we only had about 17 percent turnout locally. State stats have this as one the lowest turnouts for an election in like a half-century. Also, we'll evaluate the presidential elections with some very shady things going down in St. Charles, County, Missouri.

Anti-Eavedropping Act bill dropped

A bill in the Illinois General Assembly failed to get enough votes to move through and quite frankly it is a sign that the people need to take to lobbying lawmakers. Too often are there things that we are all passionate about and when it comes time to act we fall on our face or don't even attempt to get active. We need to engage more with our lawmakers. We need to schedule monthly, if not weekly talks with our lawmakers on an individual or group basis. Don't let the unions do it for you. Don't rely on the industry lobbyists to do it for you or other special interest groups. Get a neighborhood representative, or work through your alderman, or other local civic leader and put the pressure on them to put the pressure on others. Or, better yet, how about get with The Campaign for Liberty and become a leader of your own. Follow through, keep the heat to their feet. We must fight against the continued erosion of our rights.


The story of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is tragic. No one is going to refute that. Should George Zimmerman be arrested? That's for local law enforcement to decide and for the district prosecurtor to act upon. Again, this is about an individual who shot another individual thinking he was in the guidelines of a Florida law. The story also brings up some very important conversations about profiling and about community watch standards. All these things are important and are being discussed openly in the public sphere. Let's just hope that the Second Amendment doesn't get framed as the culprit as so many are trying to do in the shadow of the Trayvon tragedy.

If you haven't seen a recently resurfaced video from a 1995-era Eric Holder where he talks about "brainwashing" the public to think different about guns (that's a quote), don't worry. If you tune in to Saturday Session at 5p CST you'll hear Gun Owners' of America's Larry Pratt come on to talk about the deceptive practices of the government to frame guns a certain way. We'll ask Pratt for an update on Fast and Furious and also his thoughts on the framing of the Second Amendment in the aftermath of the Treyvon Martin case. That's coming up just after 5 CST with Saturday Session.

The shootings in France that killed several paratroopers and a Rabbi and some children have shocked the world. The real question is not how could this guy snap and think it's alright to kill innocent people in order to change things. The question should be how could the government been fully aware of this madman well before the shootings and not done anything before hand. It stinks of a managed psyops during an election. As one comment on Facebook said "Sounds familiar...usefull idiot under govt watch is allowed to commit atrocity (or attempt to in most US cases), govt seizes all your civil liberties and fascist pricks like Sarkozy see a huge rise in the poles just in time for elections, funny how the song remains the same no matter where its played."

News on the march

NYPD spying, and Chicago police get more helmets for NATO summit ... Protesters should also show up, not in dreads or in flower dresses but in riot gear. They better have a supply of gas masks and hard helmets for the protesters as well. Why not have them provided by taxpayers also? Huh? There's pink-slime filler in ground meat and Illinois EPA and DPH handed out a bunch of awards across the state for compliance to fluoride levels. Saturday Session will have another full investigation into the Fluoride issue next week--including the process for which fluoride comes into Springfield's water supply.


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WQLZ Music Minute

March 23, 2012

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop

New music video

The latest Korn video is circulating the web and by the time you hear this, it’s surely to have at least tens of thousands of views. Be one of the first to watch “Chaos Lives in Everything” which involves a skater punk running into a businesses man with coffee … a chase ensues, full of plenty of high speed camera work and pretty awesome slo-motion shots. The video builds with the song to where the guy in the suit is out numbered by a bunch of skater punks who spit at him and rip his jacket sleeves. But instead of being upset and opening a can, the businessman steels a skateboard and joins them rolling down the alley. Uh, nice video, Korn [sarcasm]. Watch that video embedded below:

Korn - 'Chaos Lives In Everything'

Upcoming interview

He doesn’t typically focus on music or interviewing musicians, but when alternative news radio personality Alex Jones has on the big names, you’ve gotta check it out. Sometime next week an extended and uncut interview with Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan will appear on Corgan was recently at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, where Jones hails from. Curious what Corgan is gonna talk about? Well, for a taste, Google “Billy Corgan Chemtrails” (or you can watch the preview embedded below). Corgan was unveiling details about his new album at SXSW. The full interview Jones recently did with Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine is now available online.

Sneak Peak of the Billy Corgan interview

Future albums

In other music news, Nonpoint has finished recording their new album up in Chicago. Expect a late 2012 release date. And, Linkin Park says their next attempt will be more real as they may have gone to far with the electronic sound on A Thousand Suns, ya think?

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Dave Mustaine Unchained: Infowars Exclusive

WQLZ Music MInute

March 22, 2012

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop

It's not dubstep

Disturbed’s front man David Draiman is working with the former guitarist of Filter to create what he says will be tunes in the vain of other industrial acts like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. Draiman made the revelation when responding to a question via twitter. He was asked if it his new sound would be like dubstep and Draiman said “No, it's about as close to it as Nine Inch Nails or Ministry or Rammstein are. Industrial predates dubstep ... In other words, it is at all times a guitar-driven sound.” Draiman can work on new projects because Disturbed is on an open ended hiatus after pumping out a slew of chart topping albums and massive worldwide tours.

Concept album

Fear Factory is getting closer to releasing their concept album The Industrialist. The band’s record label, Candlelight Records, has set a June 5th release date for the attempt. Front man Burton C. Bell says the album’s story is about an automaton “that is becoming sentient as it collects more memories with each passing day. Through observation and learning, it has gained the 'will to exist.'” Bell also says that he’s got sketches to go along with the scenes developed in the progression of the album. Lookin’ forward to that one!

Won't play ceremony

It’s now clear, at least to Slash, that Guns N’ Roses will not be playing at the upcoming Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The April 14th ceremony in Cleveland will induct Guns N’ Roses, The Beastie Boys and The Red Hot Chili Peppers … just to name a few.

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