Saturday Session with Bishop

April 28th, 2012
Podcast updates:

As with any of your favorite shows, get podcasts of interviews or segments you may have missed on the WMAY Podcast Page.  Here are the latest podcasts for Saturday Session from April 28, 2012


  • A.D. Carson talks "The City"--Springfield area teacher, author and hip-hop artists A.D. Carson talks about his forthcoming book "The City" and about the non-profit Emancipated Mindstate he hopes to get off the ground.  Download the mp3 here
  • Mish's remedies for Illinois--Mike Shedlock, also known as Mish, was targeted by a weekday host for his proposals to fix the state. Bishop brings Mish on the air to elaborate those remedies and also takes your calls. Download the mp3 here
  • Illinois Policy Talks Taxes--Vice President of Policy with the Illinois Policy Institute, Ted Debrowski, talks about the Amazon Tax being thrown out in court, plus some things it will take to wake up lawmakers to the severity of the problem. Download the mp3 here
  • Nuclear Free USA--Bishop welcomes on the air Michael Keegan, from the Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes and Don't Waste Michigan, to talk about the relationship between the regulators and the industry and how dangerous nuke plants are. Download the mp3 here

There's a ton of stuff to cover with Saturday Session, and only four hours to do it.  Listen live from 3 to 7p CST.  Click "Listen Live"  

It works! Let's make it work again!

We'll open to talk about the power of the people.  When a multitude of people get together for a common cause they can change the world--or at least the direction the world is headed.  This is evident with a recent proposal from "child labor" advocates that would have barred families having their children working on family farms as is the case in every small town around central Illinois, the Midwest and all of America.  

Under pressure from farm groups and lawmakers­ from rural states, the Labor Department said it is withdrawing proposed rules that would ban chil­dren younger than 16 from using most power- driven farm equipment, including tractors. The rules also would prevent those younger than 18 from working in feed lots, grain silos and stockyards. - AP via ABC

The regulation would have barred farm kids from working on the farm family farms, an ageless tradition and an essential imperative. What else would kids do in their free time? Play video games and eat fast food?


Another example where the people's power is strong is the recent defeat of SOPA/PIPA.  Well, the "rulers" are trying to get their spy-on-you-provisions passed with CISPA bill.  Even Microsoft is not supporting the bill.  The scary part is, the House passed it and now it heads to the Senate.  Time to get out the calls!

Also, how could we not forget to discuss the "anniversary" of the assassination of Osama bin Laden.  A federal judge recently said the release of those pictures of a dead bin Laden would be a national security concern.  What's the real national security threat if the photos do come out? 

Guests galore

A.D. Carson will join Saturday Session to talk about his event scheduled for tonight called "The City" where Mr. Carson hopes to raise money to start up a non-profit called Emancipated Mindstate.  We'll talk about the event, the non-profit and more. That's at around 3:30.

Then, we'll be joined by several different guests to talk Illinois' economy, including Micheal Shedlock, also known as Mish.  We expect Mish on at 4 to talk about the problems facing Illinois' finances and his ideas for fixing them.

At 5, we'll go even deeper with Ted Debrowski from the Illinois Policy Institute to talk the Amazon Tax in Illinois, the backlog of bills, and the diagnosis of the problem, and discuss remedies.  

It's been over a year since the nuclear site Fukushima Daiichi was rocked by earthquakes, drowned by tsunami and meltdown from no power.  We'll talk the trajectory of nuclear power in the US with Michael J. Keegan from the Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes.  Is it time to decommission the aging nuclear generators and not grant life-extensions?  We'll answer that question tonight with Mr. Keegan.  That's at 6p. Don't miss it!   

Last week's podcasts

Go check out the podcast page for Saturday Session or you can download the MP3's here:


Saturday Session airs every Saturday from 3 to 7 PM CST on 970 WMAY, the News and Talk of Springfield. You can contact Bishop many different ways. Check out Bishop's Google Profile for more links and information. Get the latest podcasts and "Like" Bishop ON Air on Facebook. During the show, call 217.629.7970 and email anytime

Saturday Session with Bishop

April 21, 2012

Tonight on Saturday Session: Presidential candidate Laurie Roth, Obama's eligibility questioned in New Jersey, technology and law enforcement & more!  Don't miss tonight's Saturday Session with Bishop from 3 to 7p CST only on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield.

News on the March

Be it fallout from Secret Service or the revelations of George Zimmerman wounds the night of Trayvon Martin's shooting death, the distractions keep coming, but we'll throw out a slew of stories from the past week that need some desperate attention.  Be it the funding of Syrian Rebels in a time of the UN brokered 'cease fire,' the plan for special ops in Afghanistan, or that the US Government is green-lighting the publication of a controversial bird flu studies or how there's a plan that you could be kept from leaving the country if you don't pay your taxes--we'll blitz through these stories and more to start off the show.

Laurie Roth
Laurie Roth will be live at 4:30p CST on Saturday Session

Laurie Roth

She been a TV host, a one-time top 40 artist, a marshal arts contender and is considered the "Annie Oakley of the Airwaves."  Now Laurie Roth is running for President of the United States in the Constitution Party and will be on Saturday Session tonight.  We'll discuss her platform and why she thinks it's time to get away from the two party system.

The coming internet lockdown

So many things signal that our exchange of information over the Internet is in jeopardy.  Even after the defeat of SOPA/PIPA, there are other seriously egregious pieces of legislation down the pike that we must be vigilant against.  It's important to use the Internet to it's fullest capabilities while we have it and while it appears to be free.  This is an infowar, there's no question about it.

"No birth certificate has been submitted"

That's what a defense attorney working to represent President Barack Obama said.  The case is in a New Jersey court where members of an area TEA Party group pushed the issue.  There is video of the Obama's defense attorney clearly saying that no birth certificate has been produced yet continues to say that the one released nationally hinting at it's acceptance by all the states.  

Video of the Purpura and Moran v Obama Hearing Natural Born Citizen case in New Jersey

Even the judge concedes that the Secretary of State in New Jersey has not received a birth certificate from the Obama administration but the suit is saying that if challenged they are legally required to.  We'll talk about this interesting legal case, the questions, and the direction projected here on out.  Will other media dare to discuss this?  Saturday Session will and you can sound off by listening live (Saturdays 3 to 7p CST) and calling in 217.629.7970.  

Red-light cameras and drones! Oh my!

"The technology is there so let's use it to enforce the law" many may say but do they understand the true consequence of setting the precedent?  Cameras catching people driving through a school zone at high rate of speed or maybe taking a clear snapshot of the moment a person crosses the white line at a red light sounds like a good thing, but the issue isn't about keeping people from breaking the law or even about generating revenue.  The issue is the deferment of enforcement of certain law to technology rather than relying on the discretion of the officer.  That precedent has already been set time and again with red-light or speed cameras, but what about arresting people using drones?

Last week's podcasts

If you missed last week's show, you can find those mp3 download links here:


Saturday Session airs every Saturday from 3 to 7 PM CST on 970 WMAY, the News and Talk of Springfield. You can contact Bishop many different ways. Check out Bishop's Google Profile for more links and information. Get the latest podcasts and "Like" Bishop ON Air on Facebook. During the show, call 217.629.7970 and email anytime

Saturday Session with Bishop

April 14, 2012

Podcast updates below

On this rainy day in central Illinois, why not pull up next to your radio at 3p CST and tune in to Saturday Session on 970 WMAY?!

Through the looking glass

During hour one, Bishop talks about the Waco siege nearly 20 years later

Tonight on the show we'll talk about Waco then and now.  It's been nearly twenty years since two different sieges between the ATF/FBI and the Branch Davidians--sieges that took the lives of 84 people.  There were some fatalities on the Fed's side, but the vast majority of the dead were people inside the compound.  

What do we know now that wasn't known then?  We'll discuss how the charges of pedophilia were alleged up front, before and during the siege but that's not what the surviving Davidians were charged with.  Most of what they were charged with was dropped by the courts.  Was there ever a trial against the Feds for the death and destruction?  Could that type of thing happen again?  Go even further by watching the documentary Waco: The Rules of Engagement.

Watch a preview of the documentary A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995

OK City

Also, this time of the year jars loose a remembrance of yet another deadly incident in America's history.  In 1995, two years after the violently bloody and unresolved Waco sieges, a federal building was blown up in Oklahoma City.  Most Americans put that story to bed when Timothy McVeigh was sentenced to death.  America had their terrorist behind bars and they could go on with their day.  But there's more to the story that many don't know.  

Be sure to listen at 4p CST today for an interview with the makers of the recently released documentary A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995.  We'll break down that day and discover the alarming cover-up that ensued thereafter.  Who knew what when?  Who was intimidated and worse tortured and murdered because of what they knew?  What players from that tragedy are still in power to this day?  Connect the dots tonight with Saturday Session!

Part 1

Part 2

During hour two, Bishop talks with Holland Vandennieuwenhoff, one of the creators of A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995 

The shackles of the income tax

Listen to "Rafael" from the IRS why tax day has been delayed

Then Saturday Session will explore the different methods of protesting ... taxes.  The deadline to file Illinois state and Federal income taxes is just around the corner, which has actually been postponed because the annual deadline, April 15th, falls on a Sunday and the next business day just so happens to fall on Emancipation Day.     

You can't have the slaves pay taxes on the day that is set up to remember when enslavement was abolished in this country. That would be just way to ironic.  We'll talk about emancipation through tax protestation tonight on Saturday Session. Disclaimer: In no way is Greg Bishop or 970 WMAY encouraging anyone to break the law. The above mentioned information to be broadcast is merely educational for free thinking people in a free country to think about and take upon themselves responsibility for their own actions.

During hour three, Bishop takes calls and talks briefly about the income tax and ways to reisist taxes

Wait, there's more!

In a very firery hour of Saturday Session, Bishop welcomes in Terry Reed from the Springfield and Central Illinois Trades and Labor Council ... plus phone calls 

We may also get a preview of what all the fuss is over Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker being a special guest by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce this coming Tuesday.  It's gonna dominate the news next week and Saturday Session will be the first to shed light on the controversy.  

If there's time, News on the March will cover stories from the past week in a frame you find anywhere else on terrestrial radio in central Illinois.  It's live and local with Saturday Session on 970 WMAY, The news and Talk of Springfield.


Saturday Session airs every Saturday from 3 to 7 PM CST on 970 WMAY, the News and Talk of Springfield. You can contact Bishop many different ways. Check out Bishop's Google Profile for more links and information. Get the latest podcasts and "Like" Bishop ON Air on Facebook. During the show, call 217.629.7970 and email anytime

Saturday Session with Bishop

April 7, 2012

Podcast update

Greg Bishop talks with envrio-chemist Dr. Paul Connett about fluoridation of the public water supply

Show brief

It's Easter weekend and everyone is spending the holiday somewhere--be it at home, at the family's or maybe at work finishing up that last project before taking Sunday off.  Saturday Session would be honored to be part of your weekend.  Listen live from 3 to 7p CST on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield!

Dirty cops with immunity to do anything more dangerous than terrorists

Cop watch

To start the show we'll talk about the abuse of power and how devastating that can be.  There are several examples (here, here and here) this week, including a local story, where police are accused of some pretty heinous things.  The implications of this are staggering and quite frankly scare me more than the threat of terrorism.  Where's the accountably?

They say "aiding rebels," I say funding terrorists ...

Can't we all just get along? There are several amazing double standards we'll talk about tonight including the sentencing of Viktor Bout and the "rebels" in Syria.  When the US government does something, it's OK.  But if another government or individual does what the US government does (against the wishes of the powers that be) then there's hell-fire.  What are some other examples?  Call those on in!  217.629.7970

Toxic water

If you live in Illinois, your tap water is laced with fluoride

Also tonight, we'll discuss the issue of fluoride in the drinking water with environmental chemist Paul Connett.  We had Dr. Connett on last year to talk about the issue of fluoridated water after the City of Springfield passed an ordinance to buy another contract for more of the toxic chemical to put into our drinking water.  Well a story last week was put out that the Illinois Department of Public Health awarded specials honors to municipalities around the state for complying with fluoridation levels.  We'll get into all the details with Dr. Connett at 5p CST.  For more info on how to act against fluoride in the water, visit The Fluoride Action Network website at

Plus more

In addition to all these compelling topics, we've got News on the March--stories that can't go by without being aired!  Have some examples?  Sound off!  Call 217.629.7970 or email


Saturday Session airs every Saturday from 3 to 7 PM CST on 970 WMAY, the News and Talk of Springfield. You can contact Bishop many different ways. Check out Bishop's Google Profile for more links and information. Get the latest podcasts and "Like" Bishop ON Air on Facebook. During the show, call 217.629.7970 and email anytime

WQLZ Music Minute

April 6, 2012

Editors' note: This is the last Music Minute to be posted to An RSS Feed will be set up to bring in the Music Minute Posts to this website. You may want to subscribe to the rss feed here. Thanks, and have a great day!

Music News from the Rock Station, 92-7 WQLZ by Bishop

It’s just a cover tune

One thing that rock stars have been able to do in the past few decades is to revamp some classic tunes with a heavier edge and that’s just what Godsmack has done with Joe Walsh’s tune “Rocky Mountain Way” complete with distorted electric slide guitar, a voice box and a grungy Sully Erna gettin’ into the grove.  The song (which can be streamed onlin here) will be featured on the forthcoming live disc Live and Inspired which will not only feature Godsmack live, recorded in Detroit from their most recent tour, it will also include a bonus disc with a bunch of new recordings including the cover tune “Rocky Mountain Way.” Expect Live and Inspired to be out sometime this spring. Godsmack will join Staind and Halestorm for a tour starting April 13th.

The Lord of Loud has left the building

Jim Marshall, picture taken from

If you go to a rock show and you don’t see a Marshall Stack going up to the ceiling, you’re probably like me and turned off a bit. There’s just something about the solid and pure sound that those babies push out. It’s iconic and even though the creator was born in the UK, Marshall has become just as Americana as apple pie and peanut butter. It’s a household name! Well, the creator of those magnificent gifts to the rock world has passed away. Jim Marshall, the Lord of Loud, is dead at the age of 88. The first Marshall amp came out in 1960 and was small and basic but it clearly was a force to be reckoned with. Marshall died at a hospice in London.

Catch the Music Minute every weekday with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on 92-7 WQLZ, the Rock Station

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