Schock-er: Congressman votes for indefinite detition

May 18, 2012

... today in Washington, Congressman Aaron Schock voted to not pass an amendment to a provision in a defense bill that would reverse the indefinite detention of terror suspects caught on American soil, including American citizens.  

Uh, what?  Let me read that again--Congressman Aaron Schock voted NO on an AMENDMENT to a provision of the NDAA that would have helped secure American citizens their right to HABEAS CORPUS!

Let me repeat that it again so it is crystal frickin' clear!  SCHOCK VOTED TO LET THE MILITARY DETAIN YOU, an American citizen, INDEFINITELY WITHOUT A LAWYER, JUDGE, OR EVEN CHARGES. 

Though, under this system they can just make the charges up!

Neo-political cartoon created by Bishop

Listen, we've got a real problem.  Our rights are being taken away on all levels and it's at an alarming rate.  It's not just Aaron Schock, it's other area congressman like Bobby Schilling (who you thought was TEA Party affiliated) and 236 others.  See for yourself.

Defeating Washington Senator Smith's Amendment No. 46 means the military has the power to arrest you and detain you indefinitely.  Schock, Schilling, and a slew of other Representatives from the police state Chicago, 'er I mean Illinois, all voted to allow the military to arrest you and your kids and hold anyone indefinitely.  

If you missed that whole debate at the end of last year, I'd really like for you to get brushed up on your history.  Just do a search for NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) indefinite detention and you'll see what I'm talking about.  While you there also read about how the NDAA passed last year legalizes troops to bestiality.  Not making it up.  

And now the good news.  Congressman John Shimkus voted in favor of the amendment to reverse the indefinite detention part of the National Defense Authorization Act.  So maybe there's hope for him and 181 others.

Oh, and by the way ... all you left-leaning apologists who are reading this thinking "yeah, Greg, go get 'em ... attack them Republicans! How dare they vote for the end of due process in this country and legalize bestiality for the military?"

Just remember who signed the legislation on New Year's Day ... President Obama.  That's who!

Sibel Edmonds on Saturday Session this weekend!

May 18, 2012

Coming up this Saturday on Saturday Session, author of Classified Woman joins the show to talk about her time at the FBI and the cover-ups she uncovered.

Sibel Edmonds is considered the "most gagged women in intelligence history."  Her story is frightening and surreal and has been locked behind gag orders for nearly a decade. 

Tune in this Saturday at 5p CST to hear the live interview with Sibel. 

We'll talk about her time at the FBI as a translator, what she uncovered, the intimidation and surveillance she underwent and the threats to her family. 

Why all these things to a women who simply shared the truth about her findings?  Find out this Saturday with Saturday Session on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield!

Saturday Session with Bishop

May 12, 2012

SDAT presentation to Springfield-area residents

SDAT & Agenda 21

We'll start the show exploring a bit of the SDAT study and talk about how people can help promote an agenda without even knowing they're doing so.

The team came to town, heard some recommendations from a small audience and asked heavily suggestive questions to derive a certain response from the audience.

Also, there is suspicion that the team may have had plants in the audience to prime those in attendance and also keep the panel on track.

Suspicion only, no confirmation.

Power to the people

Also, we'll talk about Springfield Mayor Mike Houston's recent reversal concerning cutting off amplified music downtown after 9:30 this summer.  This would have severely hindered an upcoming music festival, SOHO.

This is another picture perfect example of how people can come together for a true common cause to promote a change in elected officials opinions.

Now, let's fight to get the NDAA reversed, kill the Patriot Act, end the wars and audit the Fed fully!

Cover of Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

Ron Paul's rEVOLution

At 4p CST, executive editor Brian Doherty joins the show to talk about his new book Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

We'll get a preview of the book and talk about libertarianism in America and the trajectory of it dominating the political landscape around the world.

Global economics

Then, at 5:30, Michael Schussele will join the show to talk about the Eurozone crisis, what it says that the dollar is cheaper than the Euro and what are the implications of Chinese banks opening up in America? Could that have anything to do with the Federal Reserve? How much Fed money would go into a Chinese Bank? Also, we'll discuss what exactly happened to JP Morgan Chase's derivatives.

News on the March

Drugging Occupy, the Kelly Thomas beating, 9/11 defendants at Gitmo, CIA finds it's own underwear bomb while media tells public not to worry about scanners (they're their for your safety), foreign influence in Syria--these are just some of the things on the docket for News on the March.

Don't miss a minute of another jam-packed Saturday Session with Bishop Then, after 6:30 we'll change things up a bit to talk about something new for active, rollerskating, guys to get involved in. You read that right.


Saturday Session airs every Saturday from 3 to 7 PM CST on 970 WMAY, the News and Talk of Springfield. You can contact Bishop many different ways. Check out Bishop's Google Profile for more links and information. Get the latest podcasts and "Like" Bishop ON Air on Facebook. During the show, call 217.629.7970 and email anytime

Saturday Session Podcast update

May 8, 2012

Rosa Koire talks about UN Agenda 21 and how SDAT will present a pre-determined outcome while giving the appearance of gathering public input

Podcast update!


  • History Called Into Question -- Audio recordings from the Robert F. Kennedy assassination and the Kent State Shooting raise doubts about the official story decades after the "official story" was put to rest.
  • Leaked: Re-education Camps -- A very disturbing story about a leaked U.S. Army manual of establishing and operating re-education camps in the US dominates this hour of Saturday Session
  • Behind the Green Mask (part 1) -- With SDAT coming to Springfield, Bishop thought it would be good to bring on a guest to talk about Agenda 21 and the notion of sustainability. Listen to find out how Agenda 21 is creeping into your community
  • Behind the Green Mask (part 2) -- Greg and Rosa continue talking about Agenda 21 and Sustainable Design Assessment Teams, plus take a few phone calls
  • Overwhelmed By It All -- After 3 1/2 hours of talking about the lies of history, plans for indoctrination camps in the US and Agenda 21 ... Bishop lets his emotions take control.

Saturday Session with Bishop

May 5, 2012

Tonight on the show, we'll talk about Agenda 21 in context to the upcoming SDAT study coming to Springfield next week, a leaked army document talking about reeducation camps in the US, The NATO Summit in Chicago, Kent State, RFK and more.  Don't miss a minute of Saturday Session from 3 to 7p CST only on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield.

Old Conspiracy Theories or Unanswered Questions

We'll start the show tonight to talk about two different stories of historical events being called into question: The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 and the Kent State shooting of 1970. 

Amazingly CNN is reporting that a witness says there was a second shooter, calling into question the "official story."

Meanwhile family members and victims of the gunfire Ohio National Guard troops used on anti-war protesters on the campus of Kent State in 1970 are calling for the Justice Department to re-open the investigation to determine if there were orders given to open fire. 

What do these two stories tell us about the supposed truth of history? 

Behind the Green Mask

Above, the cover of Behind the Green Mask

At 4p CST we'll be joined by Rosa Koire, one of the authors of Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 to talk about the upcoming SDAT study for Springfield

That study is holding an open house Monday and Wednesday where they will take suggestions about how to make Springfield more sustainable.  Is there a different agenda behind the idea of sustainable assessment than what's being promoted? 

What should area residents know about Agenda 21, the United Nations' plan to centralize populations in urban area (and some say it's even more sinister than that)? 

We'll get those answers with Rosa Koire this evening at 4p CST on Saturday Session!  Don't miss it.  Read more about Ms. Koire and her book online at

Agent Provocateur Terror

Image from the AP

Another bomb plot was disrupted this week, capturing a group of "anarchists" who worked with an informant to blow up a bridge outside of Cleveland. 

The informant is a felon who worked with the FBI to coax the group into making the plans.  This, among other disrupted plots, shows the use of informants by the FBI and is a troubling trend. 

Something else significant is the shift from focusing on Middle-Eastern influence groups to "home-grown" cells.  Prepare to see more of this.

Also, let's review an article from The New York Times that explores the use of FBI informants in busting these plots.  Where do the plots originate?  Dig deeper with Saturday Session.

NATO in Chicago

Later this month NATO will converge on Chicago, turning the Windy City into a verifiable police state.  The preparations of NATO in Chicago including the use of a Joliet jail for dissidents, no-fly zones and even TSA-style security for the Metra.  Tune in to get a complete rundown of the measures the Feds are going to use to keep a strong barrier between protesters and world leaders in their towers made of glass. 

Re-education camp manual alarming

An explosive article from Infowars writer Paul Joseph Watson tells of a frightening manual leaked online.  The U.S. Army document outlines plans for re-education camps within the borders of America. 

There were camps set up for Japanese Americans during World War II.  Those camps were not in Cuba, they were inside the continental U.S.  Can it happen again?  Yes.  Are there plans? Yes. Hear about it tonight on Saturday Session.

News on the March

We'll close out Saturday Session with News on the March--stories from the past week that should have gotten more play.  Andrew Breitbart's coroner died of poison, meanwhile the mainstream media's ratings are taking a hit.  A senate probe shows that torture is ineffective, and the FBI wants wiretap-ready web sites now.  Also, we'll talk about drones being used for police work in Washington state and more.  Don't miss a minute of Saturday Session!


Saturday Session airs every Saturday from 3 to 7 PM CST on 970 WMAY, the News and Talk of Springfield. You can contact Bishop many different ways. Check out Bishop's Google Profile for more links and information. Get the latest podcasts and "Like" Bishop ON Air on Facebook. During the show, call 217.629.7970 and email anytime

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