Durbin: No Pakistan War & Internet Post Enough Evidence

Senator Durbin got the full story of bin Laden's death as the rest of Americans did--from the President during prime-time TV

May 8, 2011
Greg Bishop

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjxwNELzE3M

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois held a press availability in Springfield outside his house on Mother's Day. In this QnA, Senator Durbin talked about the moment last Sunday he got the call from Vice President Biden about the US assassination of Osama bin Laden. After receiving a classified briefing on the events, Durbin has some questions but is waiting for Pakistan to conclude their own investigation.

"How did bin Laden live for so long in their country, so close to Islamabad and so near to the West-Point Academy of Pakistan," the Senator questions.

With the continued Global War on Terror, the Senator used the death of Osama bin Laden to say "now we will search out others. The bottom line is this, when you attack the US we will hold you accountable ... Osama bin Laden's followers know this today."

However, with the prospects of war on now three fronts, the Senator feels the first phase winding down. Iraq is coming to an end, the Senator proclaims, and in Afghanistan the US will start brining troops home. He also hopes to continue to limit America's involvement in kinetic military action against Libya.

About the possible war with Pakistan, in the face of growing drone strikes, the Senator says we're not at war and acknowledges the collateral damage there and the anger that builds with Pakistanis. But the senator says "we need the cooperation of Pakistan" in the war on terror. Durbin says the US is trying to work out a relationship but receiving mixed messages.

Need proof?

To those who doubt the official narrative of bin Laden's death, because of the initial story changing several times and the effort to withhold the photo of a dead bin Laden, the Senator says there will always be conspiracy theorists. "I think we have ample evidence from the videos and from the statement by Al-Qaeda that acknowledges that Osama bin Laden was killed."

The videos Durbin mentions are the videos that the military says were found at the compound inside Pakistan and then released by the Pentagon. These videos were released with hand picked segments of an alive bin Laden in the well known framing. Another video segment shows an over the shoulder shot of a gray-bearded man watching news reports of Osama bin Laden. Senator Durbin says the videos depict a "scared old man hiding." The videos are without audio. The admission of bin Laden's death from Al-Qaeda "spokespeople" Durbin alludes to is a post on "jihadist forum," according to CNN.

The Senior Senator agrees with not releasing the photos for danger of inflaming sentiments around the world. Also the Senator is awaiting information from Pakistan's internal investigation to find out what the US/Pakistan relationship will be from here on out.

Bishop's opinion

Videos showing the back of an old man watching TV in a dingy room mixed with other videos (no audio) we've seemed to have seen before, only they appear to be outtakes, are not proof the US killed Osama bin Laden on May Day. A post from a message board by a site that appears to be from the Al-Qaeda organization, is not proof that bin Laden was assassinated by the US.

My concern is that the revelation of bin Laden being held-up in Pakistan for years will only further more pressure on Pakistan from the US. More pressure could lead to a full out war with Pakistan--a nuclear state!

It's amazing they've been patient for as long as they have. We're already sending drones and the CIA in to their country. There have even been reports from the past that private contractors the likes of Blackwater have been in Pakistan. What's next?

The assassination of bin Laden inside Pakistan begs the question from our lawmakers and soon to trickle down to the public of how long Pakistan knew he was there, if indeed they knew he was there. If they were harboring him, who else are they keeping safe? This may lead to a call for increased military action.

Let this not be another Gulf of Tonkin incident that projects America into a fourth front. We're getting told a story, only for it to be changed--and there isn't real substantive evidence. The Golf of Tonkin, history has proven, was a misinformed mess--a fabrication--and worked to garner support from Americans to increase the war in Vietnam. With this bin Laden story, there is no solid evidence only a message board post and some old home videos. This is being used to point at as definitive proof bin Laden was killed by the US.

Wanna see the videos from the mounted helmet cams the SEALs were wearing during the raid? Well, the CIA director says there's a 25 minute blackout when the kill team entered the compound. Unbelievable! So what exactly was the Administration watching in that iconic photo supposedly from the situation room?