Charged to Break a Record

February 27, 2011
by Greg Bishop

SPRINGFIELD, IL -- Seven, and the team from Illuminati Motor Works, are fully charged and ready for a world record. The concept car, which was entered into last year's Progressive Insurance X Prize contest, is still taking to the county highways in central Illinois.

What looks like a concept car from the 1950s was developed and built in central Illinois. Named Seven, the street-legal and insured vehicle can go 0 to 60 in 8.7 seconds, and that's in cold weather.

In a video update Sunday, IMW member Kevin Smith talks about the winter tear-down and provides some pretty impressive statistics from Seven and some upcoming events the team is looking forward to.

Seven runs on battery cells with 217 miles per gallon equivalent, or MPGE. MPGE is a standard that the EPA adopted from the X Prize where Seven finished strong amid some very intimidating teams--some from universities and some with big money sponsorships. The from scratch car, built in a garage south of Springfield, has a 199 mile range, can trail a rocket trike, and has some very big plans in the near future.

In this video update, Kevin also reveals that the team will be trying to drive into a Guinness world record! "It's not a record till it's in Guiness. We're gonna see how many of them we can set in a single day."

The vehicle will be taken apart for updates and upgrades to ensure for even more efficiency, and then will be re-assembled by mid-March. This is all to ensure a sponsorship with Rouch, a sponsor who saw the potential and the spirit behind the crew from IMW.

Kevin wouldn't provide too many details about the future of IMW and Rouch in the next X Prize saying it's "Top Secret."

"Why I say it's top secret is because they haven't told me yet," Kevin said.

As for the Guinness record, Illuminati Motor Works will shoot for highest speed for an electric sedan and several other records with their street-legal, licensed and insured ride.

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Below is the video update posted to Illuminati Motor Works' YouTube Channel: