Davlin Death Investigation

December 15, 2010
By Greg Bishop

Tuesday morning was a shocking day for Springfield, Illinois, as citizens learned Mayor Tim Davlin was dead.

The press was already on stand by to cover the court appearance Davlin was scheduled for Tuesday morning to update the law on an estate the Mayor was an executor. When Davlin did not show, it was later revealed that he was found unresponsive in his home.

What is known is not much, as an Springfield Police handed over the investigation to the Illinois State Police. A press conference was held by ISP Director Jonathon Monken Tuesday afternoon in downtown Springfield.

Mayor Davlin Death Investigation

video by Greg Bishop of WMAY

Early reports from the State Journal-Register indicated the mayor died from a self-inflicted wound, thought that has not been confirmed by authorities. A cause of death will be determined by an autopsy Wednesday. Coroner Susan Boone, whose office is also under investigation by the Illinois State Police for several alleged irregularities, will conduct the autopsy. Monken said that State Police will be overseeing the autopsy.

A canvas of Davlin's neighborhood will also be conducted. Early reports indicate that one of Davlin's neighbors claimed to have seen Davlin's garage half open with a car running inside the garage early Tuesday morning, but that has not been confirmed.

Also, reports indicate that a 9-1-1 call was made about Davlin. The nature of that call and where the call came from or who made the call was not revealed.

Financial troubles

Davlin was the executor of his cousin's will worth over $800,000. The late mayor was under legal pressure for accounting of the estate after Catholic Charities claimed they were owed some of what was left from the estate. A surety bond was taken up worth over $1 million by CWLP's Todd Renfrow and Davlin's cousin Jennifer Johnson.

The IRS had also placed a $90,000 lien on Davlin's home for past due taxes. This reportedly was from some investments the late mayor cashed in on.

When asked by the media about both the lien and the estate, Davlin had said "I want to make a comment about some personal issues that have been brought up lately, and my comment is that I firmly believe those issues will be resolved in the near future, and when they are, I will make sure you know about it ... Everything will be resolved in the very near future." (attribute to the SJ-R.com)