The illusion of involvement

The sun wasn’t even over the horizon when we met to leave town. It was a normal morning for me. For my two travel and lodging partners, it was a little early.

We had a seemingly routine three-hour trek to the Tinley Park Conference Center just outside Chicago. During the drive, we talked about the different committees we should attend and try to provide input.

I even had some platforms that I felt would be good to submit to the Illinois Republican Party all ready to go–platforms supporting reformation of the Illinois Eavesdropping Act or maybe supporting “Right To Work” legislation.

I thought these would be good issues to get some attention and spark some debate.

There was also the committee of at-large delegates and alternate delegates where a group of 19 appointed republican leaders would nominate a list to fill the twelve available spots for the national convention.

Another committee of interest was the committeeman and committeewoman nomination.

Our drive north wasn’t just on the road with our overnight bags in the truck bed with suit, slacks and shirts hanging in the extended cab. Our drive was also the substance and desire to get involved for the sake of liberty.

I was approved as a delegate by my GOP county chairman, as were the eight other people I personally encouraged to get set up and registered to take part in the state convention.

Being a delegate means you have a certain privilege–you can vote on things and provide input–or so we thought.

For full disclosure, I’m a Ron Paul guy, as were the around two-hundred others we were soon to meet with at the convention center. Sure our candidate didn’t win anything over ten percent in the state’s primary. With Illinois 64 delegates being sent to the national convention in Tampa this summer, us Illinois Ron Paul supporters were going to claim the fruits of our months of labor.

We had the goal of not only influencing the republican platform with a list of possible motions important to Illinoisans liberty like banning red light cameras, reforming the eavesdropping act, adopting the Tax Payer’s Bill of Rights, etc., we also wanted to submit six names to be considered national delegates.

These were just motions for the floor we wanted all the state GOP delegates, over one thousand from around Illinois (another record turnout), to vote on while taking part in the Saturday assembly.

The big tent was not very inclusive

Friday’s committees were locked up.

“We got iced out,” one organizer said.

Ron Paul supporters Friday, after committee meetings
Ron Paul supporters Friday after committee meetings

Others were visibly upset about what they witnessed during the “open” committee meetings and the lack of input from the delegates who showed up Friday.

Two different attempts to put a resolution on the floor in two different committees I witnessed were blocked with a simple explanation of “we don’t take motions from the floor.”

Then what were we doing there?

Again, we were just trying to give people the chance to vote on something during the convention, instead of just being provided a pre-determined platform and list of establishment candidates to be rubber-stamped.

After that failed attempt to get motions heard in committee, the next course of action was to draft a new resolution and get the heads of 50 different delegations to sign a petition allowing it to be brought to the convention floor for consideration by all the state delegates.

This was a task that proved very difficult for the fifteen hours before the deadline–especially when it seems very few county chairman are willing to break from the traditional non-controversial convention production.


Schock in the lobby
Congressman Aaron Schock in the lobby. Picture provided by Mike Timoney

After the committee meetings, I walked through the hotel lobby at the Tinley Park Holiday Inn.

There I saw two people talking with Congressman Aaron Schock about his aye vote for the National Defense Authorization Act. One, a young navy veteran and delegate to the state convention, was expressing his displeasure at Schock’s willingness to end Posse Comatatus and Habeas Corpus, two provisions in the NDAA legislation.

Another younger gentlemen said that he wanted an honest reason why the congressman would vote for such things.

“It’s a good bill” and “the courts will decide if it’s unconstitutional,” the young congressman said.

I overheard this exchange thinking “so, lawmakers can take legislate our rights away and then we’d have to wait 3 or 4 years for the courts to decide that we get them back?”

This was obviously not what the two gentlemen wanted to hear. They politely let the congressman know they were not happy with his response and walked away without incident.

I wondered how often Congressman Schock actually gets to hear, face-to-face, that kind of dissatisfaction for his NDAA vote.

Witnessing that exchange was on top of a day where party pageantry seemed to take precedent over having substantive debates about the party’s platform or other issues important to Illinois.

I started having flashbacks of the 2008 state convention.

Video provided by RaLynSue on UStream

Needed reward

It was time to get together with other Ron Paul supporters at the hospitality suites. There were several, but the Ron Paul suite was the place to be.

With some snacks and a bunch of liberty-minded folks ready to network and have a good time, the karaoke started. Hours later, the party was still going strong with songs, dance and plenty of people and conversations.

“This was the most fun I’ve had at a Republican Convention,” one downstate county chairman said.

She was there throughout the night having just as much fun as all the Ron Paul people.

State Senator Bill Brady even came into the Ron Paul hospitality suite for a song sang by a Ron Paul supporter. That Ron Paul supporter’s performance was with almost as much passion as he had for his principles and the cause of liberty.

The party lasted well past one in the morning; what a much needed all-inclusive celebration us Ron Paul supporters held! We opened the doors to everyone and joined in song and dance with our fellow republicans. It was a huge success.


After a short sleep, a quick shower, checkout and some fruit and coffee it was then time to get more signatures for our motion–a motion we as a group of Ron Paul supporters thought was fair.

After all, most of us paid our dues to be there and were appointed delegates from our respected counties. We should be allowed some input. At least just some input.

We were able to get a bunch of signatures before the deadline, but it was not the required amount. We had been blocked by strong opposition and a resistance to any kind of break from tradition. The old guard would not even allow the ball on the field.

The convention was on: political ads targeting Barack Obama, representatives speaking, a highlight of state representative Mike Bost’s recent rant at the Illinois General Assembly, and committee reports.

When it was time for the platform committee, the chair tells the delegates they can see the recommended platform printout by their seats.


They’re loud.


They’re loud.

“The Ayes have it,” he says.

It was the same story for the at-large delegates “recommendation.” But this time the nay’s where a very loud “No!”

“The Ayes have it,” the committee chair tells the the state delegates.

You can watch that moment right here.

These delegates were there to “vote.”

“Corruption,” one woman yells from back of the assembly.

“Roll call,” several people scream.

“Ron Paul,” another person screams.

“Let’s be respectful,” State chair Pat Brady says.

I thought to myself “Let’s be respectful? Like not even considering to have a real vote on this issue–or even the other issues like the platform or committeemen and committeewomen?” Illusions.

“We want to thank all the Ron Paul people,” Brady says. “And the Tea Party, and Santorum folks.”

Watch some of the convention assembly here

I walked out from my delegation as did other members of our county delegation–25 percent of which were Ron Paul supporters.

It’s not about the person

When you’re shutout of the process after working for months and in my case years, collectively collecting tens-of-thousands of signatures, then working the convention floor and helping organize to bring a couple-hundred others into the “party,” you’d think there would be the recognition of allowing our caucus’ motion on the floor.

There were several hundred volunteers with the Ron Paul camp who busted their humps, volunteering to hit the streets, make calls and get out the vote for the republican party. But, unfortunately, there was only passive consideration from the convention floor and delegation chairmen.

This wasn’t about the candidate anymore. This was about the process. The establishment tried very hard to appear to be all inclusive–but they failed. That must change.

Politics is a full contact sport and the convention was merely playing pat-a-cake. But to stay civil, the establishment got their controversy-free convention. Now the establishment should be on alert: We’re knocking at your door! Let us in! In two and in four years–the rEVOLution will still be here and louder, even more organized than ever.

In other news …

The Illinois Republican Party had their coronation Saturday where they selected twelve delegates and twelve alternates–none are from the Ron Paul camp …


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Schock-er: Congressman votes for indefinite detition

… today in Washington, Congressman Aaron Schock voted to not pass an amendment to a provision in a defense bill that would reverse the indefinite detention of terror suspects caught on American soil, including American citizens.

Uh, what?  Let me read that again–Congressman Aaron Schock voted NO on an AMENDMENT to a provision of the NDAA that would have helped secure American citizens their right to HABEAS CORPUS!

Let me repeat that it again so it is crystal frickin’ clear!  SCHOCK VOTED TO LET THE MILITARY DETAIN YOU, an American citizen, INDEFINITELY WITHOUT A LAWYER, JUDGE, OR EVEN CHARGES. 

Though, under this system they can just make the charges up!

Neo-political cartoon created by Bishop

Listen, we’ve got a real problem.  Our rights are being taken away on all levels and it’s at an alarming rate.  It’s not just Aaron Schock, it’s other area congressman like Bobby Schilling (who you thought was TEA Party affiliated) and 236 others.  See for yourself.

Defeating Washington Senator Smith’s Amendment No. 46 means the military has the power to arrest you and detain you indefinitely.  Schock, Schilling, and a slew of other Representatives from the police state Chicago, ‘er I mean Illinois, all voted to allow the military to arrest you and your kids and hold anyone indefinitely.

If you missed that whole debate at the end of last year, I’d really like for you to get brushed up on your history.  Just do a search for NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) indefinite detention and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  While you there also read about how the NDAA passed last year legalizes troops to bestiality.  Not making it up.

And now the good news.  Congressman John Shimkus voted in favor of the amendment to reverse the indefinite detention part of the National Defense Authorization Act.  So maybe there’s hope for him and 181 others.

Oh, and by the way … all you left-leaning apologists who are reading this thinking “yeah, Greg, go get ‘em … attack them Republicans! How dare they vote for the end of due process in this country and legalize bestiality for the military?”

Just remember who signed the legislation on New Year’s Day … President Obama.  That’s who!


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Sibel Edmonds on Saturday Session this weekend!

Coming up this Saturday on Saturday Session, author of Classified Woman joins the show to talk about her time at the FBI and the cover-ups she uncovered.

Sibel Edmonds is considered the “most gagged women in intelligence history.”  Her story is frightening and surreal and has been locked behind gag orders for nearly a decade.

Tune in this Saturday at 5p CST to hear the live interview with Sibel.

We’ll talk about her time at the FBI as a translator, what she uncovered, the intimidation and surveillance she underwent and the threats to her family.

Why all these things to a women who simply shared the truth about her findings?  Find out this Saturday with Saturday Session on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield!

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Saturday Session with Bishop

SDAT & Agenda 21

We’ll start the show exploring a bit of the SDAT study and talk about how people can help promote an agenda without even knowing they’re doing so.

The team came to town, heard some recommendations from a small audience and asked heavily suggestive questions to derive a certain response from the audience.

Also, there is suspicion that the team may have had plants in the audience to prime those in attendance and also keep the panel on track.

Suspicion only, no confirmation.

Power to the people

Also, we’ll talk about Springfield Mayor Mike Houston’s recent reversal concerning cutting off amplified music downtown after 9:30 this summer.  This would have severely hindered an upcoming music festival, SOHO.

This is another picture perfect example of how people can come together for a true common cause to promote a change in elected officials opinions.

Now, let’s fight to get the NDAA reversed, kill the Patriot Act, end the wars and audit the Fed fully!

Cover of Ron Paul’s rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

Ron Paul’s rEVOLution

At 4p CST, executive editor Brian Doherty joins the show to talk about his new book Ron Paul’s rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.

We’ll get a preview of the book and talk about libertarianism in America and the trajectory of it dominating the political landscape around the world.

Global economics

Then, at 5:30, Michael Schussele will join the show to talk about the Eurozone crisis, what it says that the dollar is cheaper than the Euro and what are the implications of Chinese banks opening up in America? Could that have anything to do with the Federal Reserve? How much Fed money would go into a Chinese Bank? Also, we’ll discuss what exactly happened to JP Morgan Chase’s derivatives.

News on the March

Drugging Occupy, the Kelly Thomas beating, 9/11 defendants at Gitmo, CIA finds it’s own underwear bomb while media tells public not to worry about scanners (they’re their for your safety), foreign influence in Syria–these are just some of the things on the docket for News on the March.

Don’t miss a minute of another jam-packed Saturday Session with Bishop Then, after 6:30 we’ll change things up a bit to talk about something new for active, rollerskating, guys to get involved in. You read that right.

Saturday Session with Bishop

Tonight on the show, we’ll talk about Agenda 21 in context to the upcoming SDAT study coming to Springfield next week, a leaked army document talking about reeducation camps in the US, The NATO Summit in Chicago, Kent State, RFK and more.  Don’t miss a minute of Saturday Session from 3 to 7p CST only on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield.

Old Conspiracy Theories or Unanswered Questions

We’ll start the show tonight to talk about two different stories of historical events being called into question: The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 and the Kent State shooting of 1970.

Amazingly CNN is reporting that a witness says there was a second shooter, calling into question the “official story.”

Meanwhile family members and victims of the gunfire Ohio National Guard troops used on anti-war protesters on the campus of Kent State in 1970 are calling for the Justice Department to re-open the investigation to determine if there were orders given to open fire.

What do these two stories tell us about the supposed truth of history?

Behind the Green Mask

Above, the cover ofBehind the Green Mask

At 4p CST we’ll be joined by Rosa Koire, one of the authors of Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 to talk about the upcoming SDAT study for Springfield.

That study is holding an open house Monday and Wednesday where they will take suggestions about how to make Springfield more sustainable.  Is there a different agenda behind the idea of sustainable assessment than what’s being promoted?

What should area residents know about Agenda 21, the United Nations’ plan to centralize populations in urban area (and some say it’s even more sinister than that)?

We’ll get those answers with Rosa Koire this evening at 4p CST on Saturday Session!  Don’t miss it.  Read more about Ms. Koire and her book online at

Agent Provocateur Terror

Image from the AP

Another bomb plot was disrupted this week, capturing a group of “anarchists” who worked with an informant to blow up a bridge outside of Cleveland.

The informant is a felon who worked with the FBI to coax the group into making the plans.  This, among other disrupted plots, shows the use of informants by the FBI and is a troubling trend.

Something else significant is the shift from focusing on Middle-Eastern influence groups to “home-grown” cells.  Prepare to see more of this.

Also, let’s review an article from The New York Times that explores the use of FBI informants in busting these plots.  Where do the plots originate?  Dig deeper with Saturday Session.

NATO in Chicago

Later this month NATO will converge on Chicago, turning the Windy City into a verifiable police state.  The preparations of NATO in Chicago including the use of a Joliet jail for dissidents, no-fly zones and even TSA-style security for the Metra.  Tune in to get a complete rundown of the measures the Feds are going to use to keep a strong barrier between protesters and world leaders in their towers made of glass.

Re-education camp manual alarming

An explosive article from Infowars writer Paul Joseph Watson tells of a frightening manual leaked online.  The U.S. Army document outlines plans for re-education camps within the borders of America.

There were camps set up for Japanese Americans during World War II.  Those camps were not in Cuba, they were inside the continental U.S.  Can it happen again?  Yes.  Are there plans? Yes. Hear about it tonight on Saturday Session.

News on the March

We’ll close out Saturday Session with News on the March–stories from the past week that should have gotten more play.  Andrew Breitbart’s coroner died of poison, meanwhile the mainstream media’s ratings are taking a hit.  A senate probe shows that torture is ineffective, and the FBI wants wiretap-ready web sites now.  Also, we’ll talk about drones being used for police work in Washington state and more.  Don’t miss a minute of Saturday Session!


Saturday Session airs every Saturday from 3 to 7 PM CST on 970 WMAY, the News and Talk of Springfield. You can contact Bishop many different ways. Check out Bishop’s Google Profile for more links and information. Get the latest podcasts and “Like” Bishop ON Air on Facebook. During the show, call 217.629.7970 and email anytime

Saturday Session with Bishop

Podcast updates:

As with any of your favorite shows, get podcasts of interviews or segments you may have missed on the WMAY Podcast Page.  Here are the latest podcasts for Saturday Session from April 28, 2012


  • A.D. Carson talks “The City”–Springfield area teacher, author and hip-hop artists A.D. Carson talks about his forthcoming book “The City” and about the non-profit Emancipated Mindstate he hopes to get off the ground.  Download the mp3 here
  • Mish’s remedies for Illinois–Mike Shedlock, also known as Mish, was targeted by a weekday host for his proposals to fix the state. Bishop brings Mish on the air to elaborate those remedies and also takes your calls. Download the mp3 here
  • Illinois Policy Talks Taxes–Vice President of Policy with the Illinois Policy Institute, Ted Debrowski, talks about the Amazon Tax being thrown out in court, plus some things it will take to wake up lawmakers to the severity of the problem. Download the mp3 here
  • Nuclear Free USA–Bishop welcomes on the air Michael Keegan, from the Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes and Don’t Waste Michigan, to talk about the relationship between the regulators and the industry and how dangerous nuke plants are. Download the mp3 here

There’s a ton of stuff to cover with Saturday Session, and only four hours to do it.  Listen live from 3 to 7p CST.  Click “Listen Live”

It works! Let’s make it work again!

We’ll open to talk about the power of the people.  When a multitude of people get together for a common cause they can change the world–or at least the direction the world is headed.  This is evident with a recent proposal from “child labor” advocates that would have barred families having their children working on family farms as is the case in every small town around central Illinois, the Midwest and all of America.

Under pressure from farm groups and lawmakers­ from rural states, the Labor Department said it is withdrawing proposed rules that would ban chil­dren younger than 16 from using most power- driven farm equipment, including tractors. The rules also would prevent those younger than 18 from working in feed lots, grain silos and stockyards. – AP via ABC

The regulation would have barred farm kids from working on the farm family farms, an ageless tradition and an essential imperative. What else would kids do in their free time? Play video games and eat fast food?


Another example where the people’s power is strong is the recent defeat of SOPA/PIPA.  Well, the “rulers” are trying to get their spy-on-you-provisions passed with CISPA bill.  Even Microsoft is not supporting the bill.  The scary part is, the House passed it and now it heads to the Senate.  Time to get out the calls!

Also, how could we not forget to discuss the “anniversary” of the assassination of Osama bin Laden.  A federal judge recently said the release of those pictures of a dead bin Laden would be a national security concern.  What’s the real national security threat if the photos do come out?

Guests galore

A.D. Carson will join Saturday Session to talk about his event scheduled for tonight called “The City” where Mr. Carson hopes to raise money to start up a non-profit called Emancipated Mindstate.  We’ll talk about the event, the non-profit and more. That’s at around 3:30.

Then, we’ll be joined by several different guests to talk Illinois’ economy, including Micheal Shedlock, also known as Mish.  We expect Mish on at 4 to talk about the problems facing Illinois’ finances and his ideas for fixing them.

At 5, we’ll go even deeper with Ted Debrowski from the Illinois Policy Institute to talk the Amazon Tax in Illinois, the backlog of bills, and the diagnosis of the problem, and discuss remedies.

It’s been over a year since the nuclear site Fukushima Daiichi was rocked by earthquakes, drowned by tsunami and meltdown from no power.  We’ll talk the trajectory of nuclear power in the US with Michael J. Keegan from the Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes.  Is it time to decommission the aging nuclear generators and not grant life-extensions?  We’ll answer that question tonight with Mr. Keegan.  That’s at 6p. Don’t miss it!

Last week’s podcasts

Go check out the podcast page for Saturday Session or you can download the MP3’s here:

  • Suit against BHO
  • CISPA Sux

Saturday Session with Bishop

Tonight on Saturday Session: Presidential candidate Laurie Roth, Obama’s eligibility questioned in New Jersey, technology and law enforcement & more!  Don’t miss tonight’s Saturday Session with Bishop from 3 to 7p CST only on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield.

News on the March

Be it fallout from Secret Service or the revelations of George Zimmerman wounds the night of Trayvon Martin’s shooting death, the distractions keep coming, but we’ll throw out a slew of stories from the past week that need some desperate attention.  Be it the funding of Syrian Rebels in a time of the UN brokered ‘cease fire,’ the plan for special ops in Afghanistan, or that the US Government is green-lighting the publication of a controversial bird flu studies or how there’s a plan that you could be kept from leaving the country if you don’t pay your taxes–we’ll blitz through these stories and more to start off the show.

Laurie Roth
Laurie Roth will be live at 4:30p CST on Saturday Session

Laurie Roth

She been a TV host, a one-time top 40 artist, a marshal arts contender and is considered the “Annie Oakley of the Airwaves.”  Now Laurie Roth is running for President of the United States in the Constitution Party and will be on Saturday Session tonight.  We’ll discuss her platform and why she thinks it’s time to get away from the two party system.

The coming internet lockdown

So many things signal that our exchange of information over the Internet is in jeopardy.  Even after the defeat of SOPA/PIPA, there are other seriously egregious pieces of legislation down the pike that we must be vigilant against.  It’s important to use the Internet to it’s fullest capabilities while we have it and while it appears to be free.  This is an infowar, there’s no question about it.

“No birth certificate has been submitted”

That’s what a defense attorney working to represent President Barack Obama said.  The case is in a New Jersey court where members of an area TEA Party group pushed the issue.  There is video of the Obama’s defense attorney clearly saying that no birth certificate has been produced yet continues to say that the one released nationally hinting at it’s acceptance by all the states.

Video of the Purpura and Moran v Obama Hearing Natural Born Citizen case in New Jersey

Even the judge concedes that the Secretary of State in New Jersey has not received a birth certificate from the Obama administration but the suit is saying that if challenged they are legally required to.  We’ll talk about this interesting legal case, the questions, and the direction projected here on out.  Will other media dare to discuss this?  Saturday Session will and you can sound off by listening live (Saturdays 3 to 7p CST) and calling in 217.629.7970.

Red-light cameras and drones! Oh my!

“The technology is there so let’s use it to enforce the law” many may say but do they understand the true consequence of setting the precedent?  Cameras catching people driving through a school zone at high rate of speed or maybe taking a clear snapshot of the moment a person crosses the white line at a red light sounds like a good thing, but the issue isn’t about keeping people from breaking the law or even about generating revenue.  The issue is the deferment of enforcement of certain law to technology rather than relying on the discretion of the officer.  That precedent has already been set time and again with red-light or speed cameras, but what about arresting people using drones?

Last week’s podcasts

If you missed last week’s show, you can find those mp3 download links here:

  • Waco revisited (MP3 Download)
  • OK City with Holland Vandennieuwenhoff: Part 1, Part 2 (MP3 Download)
  • The shackles of the income tax (MP3 Download)
  • Terry Reed of the local Trades and Labor Council talks about Scott Walker’s visit (MP3 Download)

Saturday Session with Bishop

Podcast update

Greg Bishop talks with envrio-chemist Dr. Paul Connett about fluoridation of the public water supply

Show brief

It’s Easter weekend and everyone is spending the holiday somewhere–be it at home, at the family’s or maybe at work finishing up that last project before taking Sunday off.  Saturday Session would be honored to be part of your weekend.  Listen live from 3 to 7p CST on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield!

Dirty cops with immunity to do anything more dangerous than terrorists

Cop watch

To start the show we’ll talk about the abuse of power and how devastating that can be.  There are several examples (here, here and here) this week, including a local story, where police are accused of some pretty heinous things.  The implications of this are staggering and quite frankly scare me more than the threat of terrorism.  Where’s the accountably?

They say “aiding rebels,” I say funding terrorists …

Can’t we all just get along? There are several amazing double standards we’ll talk about tonight including the sentencing of Viktor Bout and the “rebels” in Syria.  When the US government does something, it’s OK.  But if another government or individual does what the US government does (against the wishes of the powers that be) then there’s hell-fire.  What are some other examples?  Call those on in!  217.629.7970

Toxic water

If you live in Illinois, your tap water is laced with fluoride

Also tonight, we’ll discuss the issue of fluoride in the drinking water with environmental chemist Paul Connett.  We had Dr. Connett on last year to talk about the issue of fluoridated water after the City of Springfield passed an ordinance to buy another contract for more of the toxic chemical to put into our drinking water.  Well a story last week was put out that the Illinois Department of Public Health awarded specials honors to municipalities around the state for complying with fluoridation levels.  We’ll get into all the details with Dr. Connett at 5p CST.  For more info on how to act against fluoride in the water, visit The Fluoride Action Network website at

Plus more

In addition to all these compelling topics, we’ve got News on the March–stories that can’t go by without being aired!  Have some examples?  Sound off!  Call 217.629.7970 or email

WQLZ Music Minute

It’s just a cover tune

One thing that rock stars have been able to do in the past few decades is to revamp some classic tunes with a heavier edge and that’s just what Godsmack has done with Joe Walsh’s tune “Rocky Mountain Way” complete with distorted electric slide guitar, a voice box and a grungy Sully Erna gettin’ into the grove.  The song (which can be streamed onlin here) will be featured on the forthcoming live disc Live and Inspiredwhich will not only feature Godsmack live, recorded in Detroit from their most recent tour, it will also include a bonus disc with a bunch of new recordings including the cover tune “Rocky Mountain Way.” Expect Live and Inspired to be out sometime this spring. Godsmack will join Staind and Halestorm for a tour starting April 13th.

The Lord of Loud has left the building

Jim Marshall, picture taken

If you go to a rock show and you don’t see a Marshall Stack going up to the ceiling, you’re probably like me and turned off a bit. There’s just something about the solid and pure sound that those babies push out. It’s iconic and even though the creator was born in the UK, Marshall has become just as Americana as apple pie and peanut butter. It’s a household name! Well, the creator of those magnificent gifts to the rock world has passed away. Jim Marshall, the Lord of Loud, is dead at the age of 88. The first Marshall amp came out in 1960 and was small and basic but it clearly was a force to be reckoned with. Marshall died at a hospice in London.

WQLZ Music Minute

New tune streaming


“Live to Rise” by Soundgarden, taken from KISW’s website

Soundgarden’s new tune has dropped! The track, which is the first new song from the band in over a decade, will appear on the soundtrack for the forthcoming film The Avengers. Titled “Live to Rise,” the song was featured on Seattle radio station KISW and is available streaming online. The soundtrack also featured other rockers like Shinedown, Rise Against, Papa Roach, Bush, Evanescence, Five Finger Death Punch and others. The soundtrack drops May 1st and the movie is in theaters May 4th.


“No Reflections” video by Marilyn Manson

Video released

In other music news, Marilyn Manson has released the video for the tune “No Reflection.” The video is dingy, grimy, filthy … you know, all the things a Manson video should be. The album Born Villain comes out May 1 with the single being released on a limited edition vinyl April 21st